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 A clock is a precision instrument, designed to track the passage  of that most ephemeral and yet vital of elements: time. Ensuring the  proper function of a clock requires skills honed over many years, a  steady and precise hand, and an extensive knowledge of the illustrious  history of timekeeping. Ensuring these qualities in the company you’ve  selected to repair and maintain your clocks can be a difficult matter.  Without references from friends or acquaintances, you’re left in the  dark. Your best option, then, is to make experience your first  criterion. And no clock repair shop in the Downtown has more experience  than Chime & Time Clock Repair. Owner Robert Beauchamp is an old  hand at keeping hands moving, gears meshing and clicking, and cuckoos  cooing – all in perfect time. He has been repairing clocks and doing  quality work for more than 30 years. That’s experience you can rely on.  Conveniently located in the Downtown area of Saint Cloud Florida. Robert  is glad that 27 years ago he made the decision of offering his  excellent services to a beautiful community, by opening up what today is  Chime & Time.   

Antique Clocks

Antique Clocks